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How to Extend the Life of Your Leotard

Posted by The Leotard Lady on

There's nothing worse than spending a small fortune on a beautiful leotard only to have it fade or sag on you a few months later.

Fortunately, there are a few preventative measures you can take after each workout to extend the life of your leo.

First, change out of your leotard immediately after your workout.

Once the leotard is off, make sure to turn it inside out. This allows the trapped sweat and moisture to escape.

Next, always fold your leo. NEVER scrunch it up in a ball. Scrunching traps sweat and moisture inside the fabric and makes it deteriorate faster.

When transporting a leo home to be laundered, make sure to put it in a mesh bag that will allow the air to circulate.

Never wash a leo that is still damp from a workout. Instead, wait until the leo has been aired out completely.

Once the leotard has completely air dried, hand washing in cold water may begin.


Washing Your Leotard: Do's and Don’ts

When washing a leotard, here are some simple do's and don'ts to keep in mind:Don’t Use regular detergent Tumble dry Use fabric softeners Use bleach Iron Hang over a radiator Store in a plastic bagDo Use cold water Hand wash Use a mild liquid detergent like Ivory Snow Rinse until all bubbles [...]

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Why Are Competition Leotards So Sparkly?

"The amount of crystals that we're putting on the leotards has just gone off the charts," says Kelly McKeown, executive vice president of design and corporate relations at GK Elite.Leotards didn't always look this way. In the 30's and 40's leotards were pretty unflattering. The leg lines were low, boxy and almost completely covered the rear.At the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Nadia [...]

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How Tight Should a Gymnastics Leotard Fit?

Many beginning gymnasts are uncertain how a gymnastics leotard should fit.A loose, sagging leotard is not only unattractive, it may also be hazardous.A loose-fitting leotard could potentially get caught on a piece of equipment and cause serious injury. On the other hand, a leotard that is too tight can be uncomfortable and restrict a gymnast's mobility, thus negatively impacting her performance [...]

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10 Items to Keep in Your Gymnastics Bag

Extra Gymnastics Leotard Grips Hair Clips/Rubber Bands Shorts Extra Clothes Deodorant Comb/Brush Energy Snacks Water Bottle Adhesive Tape

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How to Avoid Wedgies in Your Gymnastics Leotard

The dreaded leotard "wedgie" is the bane of every gymnast's existence.The good news is, there are a number of tried and true remedies that can help you manage this unpleasant intrusion.Body AdhesiveMany gymnasts use a body adhesive to keep their leotards from riding up. Make sure the body adhesive is skin-safe to avoid skin irritation or damage to your leotard.Most [...]

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Can You Wear Underwear With a Dance Leotard?

While many dancers wear undergarments during practice, most dancers prefer not to wear traditional undergarments beneath their leotards during competition.Undergarments tend to move around and become exposed during routines which can distract the dancer and lead to point deductions from the judges.Trying to conceal an undergarment during competition can be quite challenging, so most dancer choose to go without.Dancers uncomfortable with the [...]

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What Are Cotton Spandex Dance Leotards Made Of?

Also known as Cotton Lycra, this fabric is prized for its natural breathability and softness.Cotton Lycra fibers tend to shrink after washing, so purchasing one size larger than your regular size is always a good idea with this fabric. Cotton Lycra fabric is ideal for dance leotards with printed designs or sublimated leotards. 

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What is a Nylon Spandex Dance Leotard Made Of?

Spandex or Lycra (a brand name of Spandex) gives fabric its stretch and recovery properties.Nylon Spandex is also commonly used in gymnastics leotards and swim suits.Nylon spandex blend is generally very stretchy with a typical spandex content of 20%. Smooth and sleek, this fabric is available in non-shiny matte or shiny mystique.Nylon spandex fabric tends to be popular with printed [...]

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Choosing the Right Bra for Your Leotard

It's actually not a bad idea to take your leotard with you when you go bra shopping.It's also not a bad idea to take a few bras with you when you go leotard shopping to ensure a proper match.While the comfort and fit of the bra are important attributes, color is an often overlooked consideration.Flesh tone, black or the color of [...]

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